It's a beautiful world out there - and it truly is right there, right outside the window.

ULI Life series boards are designed to get you out there. On the river, on the lake, a serene pond or on the ocean. Our boards are hand made to the highest quality only the U.S. They are incredibly durable and designed to increase stability and maneuverability - all in an effort to increase your enjoyment.

Grab your ULI life series board with a partner, with a friend, with a dog or all by yourself. With an ULI Life series board you can just grab life.
Our commitment to winning can be found in our designs, our innovative technologies, and our superior performance. We have a relentless commitment to finding a better way and helping you reach your competitive potential. Our design and engineering teams have developed the WikiRail, Kevlar Tech Performance (KTP), and Tri-Seal Tech Construction (TSTC) to take you through the water faster and with greater stability.  Our boards have been measured and tested to be up to 47% more rigid than other inflatables.  So not only do we have the science that creates greater performance, we also have the accolades to validate our work.  Trusted in the most prestigious events in professional SUP racing by the most demanding athletes, ULI has claimed the 2013 Molokai 2 Oahu and the 2015 Payette River Games.  ULI Race boards are carefully handcrafted and designed from the ground up with one intention only - to win.
For the adventurer in all of us.

Designed to take all of the punishment you can dish out. Tough and rugged yet all about performance. Big surf, whitewater, rocks, branches - if you can find it, your ULI-X board will get you through it.

Whether it's the race winning all round performance of the Zettian MultiSport, the river running Zettian specialist, or the 11' Steamroller that shines in surf as well as the river, if you can dream up the adventure, these ULI's will take you there.
We started the inflatable craze back in 2001.  But way back then, the goal was to help surfers with travel.  Today we've packed so much technology into these new ULI'S you won't believe your riding an inflatable.  We combined incredible performance and ULI legendary portability and durability.  These new ULI-X surf specific boards give you world class performance in conditions ranging from the mild to the wild.