Dec 17, 2012

On behalf of the Werner Team I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you SO much for loaning Taylor the boards for Costa Rica. Yesterday I had one of the top 20 surf sessions of my life, and it was on your 9’3”. Being the first time I have ever ridden your boards, I am now a believer. After a while I was so lost in the session, and how well I was surfing on the board, I had completely forgotten that I was on an inflatable. You are far and away building the best inflatables out there, amazing work and much respect to you and your R&D and production staff.

High tide is this afternoon at 3:00! Can’t wait to go again.

Happy Holidays to you and all the best in 2013.

Daniel P. Mongno, Werner Paddles Regional Sales Manager


Feb 7, 2011

I have been in Puerto for almost a month. The Steamroller board and leash arrived sometime while I was gone. I inflated the board and am super impressed with everything about it, the construction, the shape, the weight, etc. etc. It is going to be awesome. I used an inflatable NRS Paddle board when I was down in Puerto and it was decent but the design on the ULI looks far superior and assembled with way more craftsmanship. I can tell just by looking at the rocker on it that it will be a much better surfer than the NRS. I am stoked to have both as me and others will be riding rivers stand up style out here in Montana this summer. The Uli will also be the one I take on all my coastal trips.

Vince, Montana


May 25, 2010

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I love the Lopez GX-1. I have had the board for a couple of months now and had it out in medium surf and flat water. The board is constructed very well. The pump works awesome, 17 PSI no problem. The board surfs much better than I expected it to. There is a little bit of a learning curve but once you get it dialed in the board is just great fun.

I ride my board in Okinawa, Japan. I also have an 11’6″ epoxy board. My wife and kids are getting into surfing so I needed another board. Surf boards here are very expensive, most SUPs are over $2300, so the ULI was just what I needed. Okinawa, Japan is 99% reef breaks, only 2-3 semi-sand breaks so having a board that can take a beating is key.

I have had a lot of people interested in my board, and the price, so you might see some more orders coming from Japan soon.

Matthew Vogel, Okinawa, Japan


March 20, 2009

Dear Jim & Co…. I bought an 11 ft Uli SUP from Jupiter paddle boards and I have to say the board is amazing.

I took it down to my house in the Grenadines and had a blast. I am leaving the board there for use when I am not windsurfing or surfing.

The board, pump, and paddle fit perfectly in a duffle bag and didn’t cost me an extra nickle flying it down to my house. It was hard to believe I had an 11 ft board in my luggage.

Inflating the ULi was easy and I was able to get the board really stiff. It certainly doesn’t feel like an inflatable. The board floats and paddles really well and is so fast. I found myself knee paddling for a lot of waves, and I also found that when the wind was directly in my face, knee paddling made a lot more sense and allowed me to glide through the chop and wind with ease. Down winders standing up were great fun and the board really flies.

This board catches waves very easily and feels so solid underfoot. It doesn’t carve as well as a fiberglass or epoxy board, but for the price and simplicity of traveling with this board who cares. I was a bit skeptical at first and read every blog, review, post and watched every Steamroller video on youtube a dozen times before I bit the bullet.

You have an amazing product and I look forward to years and years of use. These boards are so well built they seem almost bulletproof. Anyway thanks so much for designing yet another water toy for me to play with. I just had to write and tell you how stoked I am. Keep up the good work.

Don McDowell ,Bequia, St.Vincent & Grenadines, West Indies


March 26, 2010

Well here is the verdict…I jumped on Tom’s English’s 10-0 Lopez X-1 (quad) today for all of 20-minutes and immediately ran in to order one from Jim at ULI! What a great board to add to the quiver that allows me to take my paddling and surfing virtually anywhere.

TE has a quad fin setup as opposed to the standard 2+1, but Jim was more than eager to craft up a quad for me as well. In fact, I’ll have it in my hands this coming Wednesday; even despite the customization. Jim, I hope my not stepping out of bounds here and cause you headaches with custom requests, but I feel this speaks volumes to your customer service.

Here are few comments from my brief encounter. I’m 6’0” and 165-lbs and consider myself an intermediate waterman. Conditions were 3-4+ and semi-chop at George’s just south of Cardiff Reef, CA.

-The board is very light but not fragile feeling at all. Its apparent how it holds up to Steamroller’s pickup truck driving over it or it’s crashing into the jetty rocks at Ovaroks; no worries! Comes with paddle cords that allow the paddle to be used as a handle for carrying.

-There is an obvious difference in feel under feet compared to a normal board. Noticeable flex and added buoyancy, but a very stable platform. The mind is quick to account for this difference in feel and your stabilizer muscles take over quickly to settle the platform. I felt like I’ve logged hours on the board within minutes of my first experience. Easy to feel confident with the ULI.

-Very easy to ride over the whitewater once you get a hang of the added buoyancy feel. Very limited leash pull during a fall on the wave or are swimming and have to dive a breaking wave.

-Flat water paddling was surprisingly easy as I achieved significant glide per stroke. Position on the board is more critical than normal to get a solid planing effect. The board has a soft feel underfoot and tends to absorb more water disturbances while giving the rider plenty of feedback.

-I still need work on finding the sweet spot for an efficient tail spin but did manage to get around in plenty of time for a two stroke entry.

-with proper weight placement and positioning (somewhat forward), the Lopez shape just wanted to jump in and catch the wave and then eagerly waits for you to engage the rail for a proper bottom turn! I was pleasantly surprised to experience this during my first time out and in semi-chop conditions. I can’t wait to experience a clean face in my near future. I was expecting to have to force the issue a bit but no need.

ULI has a brilliant design and is quickly recognizable as soon as you see it. Send me your questions and I’ll give you my honest opinion from my first encounters with the ULI Lopez X-1. You can’t go wrong here!

A big thank you to Tom English for his generosity and time today; have a great time in Hawaii next week!


Woody, Encinitas, California


March 22, 2010

When I bought my 1st (of 3) inflatables I had the good fortune to choose an ULI.

From my first contact with Jim, Chris and the guys back in 2007 I could not have wished for better service or a better product.

Firstly if they say they are going to do it – they do.

Secondly if they say the product works – it does.

They seem to have amassed a loyal almost cult following as a result of the way that they do business. I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Weir this January in Costa Rica. Top bloke – funny as hell and instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel part of the ‘ULI family’. The Uli guys seem to concentrate on product, the worst thing they do is sell themselves. Some brands seem to be the total opposite, BIG on words short on delivery.

I have never met Clinton (Steamroller) but it was his videos that persuaded me to get one in the first place and I’m sure a lot of other people besides, and I would bet that he started off as an ULI customer. Such is the brand loyalty. Uli don’t make hard boards with a couple of blowups tacked on the side of their range as an aside. If I could only have one board it would be the ULI Lopez – I have six SUP boards in my boardroom ranging from 7’8 to 10′ – 2 ULI’s a C4 10′, a Naish 9’3, a Bonga Perkins 9’6 and a Nah Skwell 7’8″ and I can honestly say that the Lopez would be the board that you would have to fight me for like a proper fight.

As far as peripherals – never had to patch one yet – pumps are good (especially the new one) and although I have had some deck grip peel it’s the easiest thing to stick down again.

Just my opinion – for what it’s worth, hope it helps.

CSX355, Stand Up Forum


March 22, 2010

I have owned 4 ULIs- two ULI surfboards and two ULI SUPS. All have been outstanding and used a lot. The LOPEZ 1 is awesome, and is my favorite of them all. Jim and Chris offer as good customer service as I have ever received from anyone in my life, and they, along with Steamroller are a tremendous team. They ARE the original, they are incredibly customer friendly and the LOPEZ 1 surfs well and is very easy to travel with. Sorry I don’t have any experience with the Lopez 2.

ECSUP Stand-UP Forum


March 13, 2010

My wife and I just returned from a week in Turks and Caicos, and I took my ULI 9″8″ Lopez 1 in case there was some surf (although Turks and Caicos is known not for having surf because of the offshore reefs surrounding the islands). Anyhow, it blew about 12-25 knots straight onshore everyday, so there was lots of wind chop, but no real surf. So I used the ULI as a distance board, and would paddle straight out off shore into the wind for about two miles and then do a “downwinder” back to the beach. It was great fun and a great workout, but the real point of mentioning all this is that I couldn’t believe HOW UNBELIEVABLY WELL the ULI handled in all the wind and chop. KUDOS TO JIM, CHRIS AND STEAMROLLER!!!!

Also, I brought the three piece Werner Nitro Paddle and it was oustanding. The long thin blade really worked well in the wind, and provided plenty of paddling power.

Standup Forum


February 18, 2010

Hey Jim,

finally coming through with the update as have now had the opportunity to test out the board in all manner of conditions. (except being toed behind a jet ski or boat which I am keen to do

These are the boards I’ve spent time with to give some perspective.

First board was a Southpoint 11’6″ – sold and moved on- way too big and easy (and Heavy!) for me- who weighs a thumping 64kg.

Second board a Dale Chapman 8’8″ – still own: it rips but dings soo easily!

Third board a C4 Pohaku 10′ – Still own: nice robust all rounder for friends and small surf.

Fourth Board- ULI GLX-1…

If long distance travel were involved the ULI wins hands down because it’s the only board that can make it to the location incident free. But travel aside and local use considered only this is how ULI fares:

The board is good solid fun, and there’s just no doubting that. As a side note before I figured out how to inflate the thing properly I managed to ride and catch waves with the thing with only 4 psi of air in it- freaking hilarious.

The Highs-

I lOVE the indestructible factor behind this board- saves on so many headaches and ding repairs- genius. Especially great to hand over to beginners and not worry about paddle damage or even if they drop it it’s no biggie!

I Love the fact that a 10 foot board weighs pretty much the same if not less than my 8’8″ glass SUP.

The board is so light that it paddles very fast, and can be man-handled and swung around quickly by even my light weight self both in and out of the water.

Being full of air it just WANTS to be above the whitewash- this board beats all others I’ve tried hands down in getting out past the breakers.

I like the shallow fins which allow me to cruize over ultra shallow reefs and sandbars on flat water expiditions.

The Curious-

Stability. Depending on conditions this board is incredibly stable to worse than my 8’8″ SUP. I think any instability is bourne of the fact that the board is so light and sits so high in the water that it responds very quickly to surface chop and doesn’t cut or sink into the water very much- just slips around on top of it. Also due to these same factors if one keeps their cool it is possible to recover from seemingly impossible scenarios more often (probably also owing to the deckgrip being quite good).

Giant Drum? Being full of air you can really feel the vibrations of any water slapping the bottom of the board- of course it’s normal to feel water slapping the bottom of your board but with this board it’s amplified to the point where you really notice. You can even feel the water rushing under the board- especially when you take off on a wave, which is kind of cool but also a bit distracting at times.

The Lows-

Despite being usable and rigid at 17psi, the board still flollops around like a fish when you walk or bounce on it. And even some small waves (1 and a half to 2 ft) can get the board to wobbling when you’re riding them. (I assume this is normal for these boards- my instructions recommended not to inflate beyond 17psi so I haven’t…. not yet anyway). Still the wobbling at 17 is a vast improvement on the wobbling experienced at 4psi!  How high dare I go?

As far as Surfing goes. I could get used to having no rails- and I think that I could really punch out some good maneuvers on this board given how light it is- not to mention getting out the back twice as fast and making some breaks actually possible to surf. However when actually on the wave I want to be surfing and not distracted by a board that is wobbling and humming like a drum, so probably not my choice of wave riding board.

As far as flat water days are concerned the board is currently my go-to board because at the end of the day it’s an amazing piece of work for all the reasons listed above, and just so freaking convenient.

Sorry about the epic length mate, just wanted to make sure I covered everything.


Christopher Brouwer, Australia