Strength & Stability

We apply a wide kevlar strip to both the top and bottom of every ULI we make.  Isn’t kevlar expensive?  Yes, but at ULI we are in the relentless pursuit of improving performance and quality.  KTP allows us to create a ‘stringer’ in an inflatable board that locks in the board’s overall shape and rocker.  This means you’ll get the performance that we designed into your ULI ­ out of your ULI ­ from day one to every day after.


Durability & Rigidity

Tri­Seal Tech Construction is our unique process that gives our boards superior strength andrigidity.  By overlapping four layers of material our seams have three one inch glue joints increasing the integrity of our seams versus competitors boards.  This process enables an ULI to easily withstand 20 PSI ­ while in turn increasing our durability and overall quality.  Using finite element analysis our studies prove that an ULI board is up to 47% stiffer than our competitors.


Control & Speed

Our patented Wiki­Rail was largely credited by athletes at this year’s Payette River Games to be the winning advantage over the competitor’s boards.  ULI boards were clearly faster in a straight line and more maneuverable in the turns.  The patented Wiki­Rail creates a hard edge that reduces drag (making our boards faster and more stable) and a creates a sharper edge from which to turn ­ dramatically improving maneuverability.  All in, an ULI with a Wiki­Rail is the ultimate in performance.

Our use of the best materials, cutting-edge construction processes, and patented wiki-rail systems enable us to create the best performing inflatable boards available. You will feel the difference immediately and appreciate ULI’s durability as the years pass.

ULI Boards is dedicated to handcrafting the best inflatable standup paddleboards and surfboards in the world. Our legacy extends back to the invention of the inflatable board and the persistent art of refining the process. We hope ULI can help make the most of your travels and adventures by providing a board that can deliver the performance you need.