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Wiki Rail



*Product pictured with WikiRail but comes standard without.  Add the WikiRail for $50.

ULI’s surf SUP with quad keel fins is our most maneuverable iSUP. It’s incredibly stable and with a WikiRail it’s fast and surfs like its on tracks. Just drop in late and think about turning and the next thing you’ll realize is the board is on its rail headed down the line!

This board is now available in the NEU series. ULI developed cutting edge technology to launch the next evolution of the ULI inflatable board.

Minimum weight.

Maximum rigidity.

Maneuverability and performance.

The NEU ULI Boards have an incredible 30% reduction in board weight, while providing rigidity, and performance at high PSI.  The boards deflate and roll up to an unprecedented tight roll.  We are proud to offer you the world’s most portable high performance board.

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Width: 32″
Length: 7’6″
Thickness: 4″
Weight: 21 lbs

D Rings: All boards come with 1 D-Ring, additional d-Rings are $20/each. These rings allow the use of tie down straps for adding gear on the board. (+$20/ring)
Wiki Rail: Creates a “hard rail” or 90  edge on the tail of the board. This shape cuts the drag, turbulence and suction, increases speed. (+$50)
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Weight 28.0 lbs