12′ 6″ Touring


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Additional D Ring

Wiki Rail

Stomp Pad


At 30.5” wide it’s stable and fast. This board has great glide, tracks incredibly 12’6” Race straight and at 4 3/4” thick can carry all your gear. Perfect expedition board that also surfs. Available in a tri-fin set up or a center fin box. A very popular choice.

Width: 31″
Length: 12’6″
Thickness: 4 3/4″
Weight: 28.1 lbs


  • D Rings: All boards come with 1 D-Ring, additional d-Rings are $20/each. These rings allow the use of tie down straps for adding gear on the board. (+$20/ring)
  • Wiki Rail: Creates a “hard rail” or 90  edge on the tail of the board. This shape cuts the drag, turbulence and suction, increases speed. (+$50)
  • Stomp Pad:  Gain maximum foot traction at the back of the board. (+$50)

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Gerry-Lopez_33202 stomp-pad

Additional information

Weight 36.0 lbs