The fact that you are reading this already shows that you have incredibly good judgement because you are the owner of an ULI stand up paddle board. From here on the biggest problem you are going to have is not grinning like a fool every time you use or think of using this board.

ULI Boards has been designing, manufacturing, and refining the ULI inflatable boards since 2001.  You are now in possession of the very latest, high performance board in the world. Please read this Manual for instructions on how to get the best from it.

ULI makes and sells a complete range of inflatable, functional, lightweight and packable surfboards which are constructed from the same sturdy materials that are used in military/commercial inflatable boats, making them durable and UV resistant.

ULI boards are soft and the fins are flexible and inflate to 20 PSI.  The entire structure becomes rigid enough to surf great in a wave and yet still paddle easily on your favorite flat water.

The complete line of ULI surfing and water sports gear was designed for great performance, ease of travel, safety, portability and usability without compromise.



The fabric of an ULI board is exactly like the material that IRB’s (Inflatable rescue boats) are constructed from – it’s tough. In fact when pumped to the recommended pressure you should be hard pressed to tell that it’s an inflatable.

The pump supplied with the ULI is a one stage pump. The pump hose has a bayonet fitting on one end which has a rubber seal that fits the board with a simple twist to fit action. The valve on the board has a push – push system. Push to open releasing the air, push to close to inflate – simple and foolproof. From the unrolling your board to full inflation pressure of 20 PSI takes about 7 minutes.

The deck of the board is covered with a full EVA deck pad.  No need for wax.  There are also two heavy, fabric stowing eyes with cord loops that allow for the paddle to be attached down the centre of the board, making for easy carrying.



Unroll the board – the fins should be on the inside and the deck grip should be on the outside. Turn the board over onto it’s hull (fin side down) and locate the inflation valve at the front of the board on the deck.

Remove valve cover to locate inflation port. Attach the pump hose to the boards’ valve. The valve on the board has a push – push system. Push to open releasing the air, push to close to inflate – simple and foolproof, the end of the hose that fits the board is the end with the rubber seal – the hose is a bayonet fit.

Sometimes when unrolling your ULI you will notice that the center fin may have taken a ‘set’ to one side or the other – this is nothing to worry about. The fin will straighten itself if left in a warm room for a while, failing this immerse the fin in warm water.

You can clean your ULI using a mild detergent and warm water.

Your ULI is a very capable wave riding board – you may have to modify your style slightly to accommodate it’s unique design features. We always suggest getting used to your board in flat water, low wind conditions before attempting any wave riding which is always at the risk and discretion of the owner.

The ULI board turns best from the tail with the riders weight on the back foot over the fins. This helps prevent the nose of the board getting ‘bogged down’ in a wave. When flat water paddling a parallel stance or a slight surf stance is best.

GREAT CARE should be taken in windy conditions – should wind conditions increase during a session the owner should exercise their discretion and judgement before continuing to use the ULI.