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Phantom Lake sits in a remote alpine alcove nestled between a glacier and two cascading waterfalls. On foot, it would be a 4-day assault, even for the most ambitious hikers, to reach the beacon of green water. The promise of solitude, scenery and adventure, however, made the lake a day-trip desire for Tracy Lipsman and Louise Marshall – dog groomers and adventurers from Vancouver, British Columbia. Instead of embarking on a backcountry trek riddled with grizzly bear and mountain lions, however, the duo looked for another way in.


The solution came in the form of a single-engine Cessna outfitted with floats. They chartered the plane through Sea to Sky Air and departed from Squamish. With 4-seats, one for a pilot, and two for Lipsman and Marshall, they had an extra seat – perfect for adding two inflatable ULI Boards for exploring when they landed. Once airborne, views of the Tantalus range unfolded before them and it wasn’t long before the turquoise water of their destination, radiant from the glacial silt, came into view.


The Cessna touched-down and taxied to a high-altitude beach where they inflated their boards and paddled into the emerald lake. They watched as the plane took off and banked against the mountain backdrop leaving them alone. The drone of the engine slowly gave way to silence.   Cutthroat trout dispersed with the wake of their boards as they pondered whether to explore the glacier or waterfalls first – one of many decisions on a trip like this that matters very little.


A 12’6″ ULI Touring, 10′ ULI Steamroller, and 3-piece Werner break-down paddles comprised the duo’s quiver for exploring on the water.

Tracy Lipsman and Louise Marshall have been the owners of It’s Still a Dog’s Life for 18-years. They are intrepid adventurers and put their ULI Boards to great use.

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