November 1, 2016


Phantom Lake sits in a remote alpine alcove nestled between a glacier and two cascading waterfalls. On foot, it would be a 4-day assault, even for the most ambitious hikers, to reach the beacon of green water. The promise of solitude, scenery and adventure, however, made the lake a day-trip desire for Tracy Lipsman and... Read more »
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September 21, 2016

NEW RIVER GORGE SUP RACE – Ian Smith’s Podium Finish on ULI 12’6″ Race

The New River Gorge SUP Race has become the epicenter of whitewater paddleboard racing in the Eastern US, but not because of a cash purse (there isn’t one!) or fantastical prizes. Instead, this race has ingrained itself in the hearts of a community that it has helped to grow since its inception in 2011. The... Read more »
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August 24, 2016

The Science Behind The World’s Best Inflatable SUP Boards

The best craftsmanship isn’t always revealed at first glance. Like the guts of a fine watch or the engine of a Ferrari, it is hidden – unveiled only to those with an eye for beauty, a feel for refinement, and an appreciation for quality. True craftsmanship is an incentive for the inquisitive and the forged respect... Read more »
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July 20, 2016

WHO WILL STOP REBECCA GIDDENS – A Recap of the Colorado SUP Championships

Adding SUP events to the roster at whitewater festivals has been like putting the hawk-eye line challenge to use at Wimbledon. The sport is steeped in tradition and can prove stubborn to fuse modern relevancy with classic elements. Fibark, however, which dubs itself as “America’s Oldest and Boldest Whitewater Festival,” has managed this challenge with... Read more »
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