The Fiji with Recreational Fiberglass reinforced injection molded blade and a fiberglass wrapped shaft offers performance at an introductory price. 3 piece. A low cadence shape gives you immediate power and good stability. Great shape for straight ahead tracking.

* Mid-size tear drop shaped blades reduce torque.
* Improved straight ahead efficiency.
* ABS Palm-style grip for a good fit and controlled strokes

Surface Area 18 x 8.25 in
Blade Length x Width 94 sq. in

Choosing a paddle size:

70″ – 77.5″ fits paddlers from 5′ to 5’7″
74″ – 81.5″ fits paddlers from 5’5″ to 5’11″
80″ – 87.5″ fits paddlers from 5’10″ to 6’5″

Surf Paddling: Add 8″ to your height
Touring/Cruising: Add 10″ to your height