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[panel title=”How do the ULI Boards perform compared to typical fiberglass boards?”]
You can basically do everything on a ULI Board that you can do on a typical fiberglass board. However, because our nose and tail are not tapered, the turns may be less precise and on some of the larger waves (20 feet or greater) you may experience a little bit of a quiver. Unlike a fiberglass board, the ULI Board can be ridden in any surf and directly onto the sand. Due to the buoyancy of the board, you will also catch the wave more quickly and get up faster.

[panel title=”Can I ride the ULI Board in large surf?”]
That depends on how large your huevos are. The boards have been tested in 10’+ waves and performed solidly.

[panel title=”How do the ULI Boards perform compared to typical soft boards?”]
Like soft boards, the ULI Board is safe to ride without the worry of injury that comes with fiberglass boards. The ULI Board, however, will typically ride better than a traditional soft board due to buoyancy and durability.

[panel title=”Is the ULI Board a good board to learn to surf on?”]
The ULI Board is an excellent board to learn to surf on. The wide platform and buoyancy make the board easier to get up on than any other board on the market. Ask Rob Machado who used the board to teach kids to surf in Hurley’s Shred-My-Stick contest.

[panel title=”How durable are the ULI Boards?”]
We use double the material of a typical inflatable boat floor on each ULI Board, and then apply another layer to reinforce the ULI Board’s strength, to ensure that the board is practically indestructible. Our boards have been surfed within minutes of being run over by an overnight service delivery truck.

[panel title=”What happens when the ULI Board hits rocks or a reef?”]
Unlike fiberglass boards our boards do not ding or break. You do not have to worry about the fin box blowing out. You can ride your ULI Board directly onto the sand. Also, unlike soft boards, the ULI Board doesn’t take in any water and therefore, does not get waterlogged.

[panel title=”How small do the ULI Boards roll up?”]
In general, the ULI Boards, including the ULI Stand-Up Paddle Board, will roll up into a standard roller bag. For more exact details contact

[panel title=”What is the best way to roll up the ULI Board for travel or storage?”]
After deflating the board, flip the board over with fins up. Begin rolling the board fins to nose so that the fins are on the inside and not in contact with the deck pad. Once the board is completely rolled, secure the board with the supplied straps.

[panel title=”Can an ULI Board be strapped to the roof our a car?”]
No problem. Once inflated, you can treat the ULI Board like any other surf board.

[panel title=”How heavy are the ULI Boards in comparison to other boards?”]
The ULI Boards weigh about the same as most typical fiberglass boards or are slightly lighter.

[panel title=”How should I store the ULI Board for long periods of time?”]
While you can certainly store the ULI Board rolled up in the storage bag provided. The ULI Board can also remain inflated for months, however, if you prefer not to roll it.

[panel title=”Can I leave my ULI Board inflated? For how long?”]
While we recommend that you check the ULI Board’s PSI before each surf session, in general you may not have to add air, depending on your location, for several months.

[panel title=”What size ULI Board should I get?”]
The size of your ULI Board will depend on several factors, ranging from skill set to weight. Contact us

[panel title=”I’m a big guy, will the ULI Board support me?”]
The ULI Board Stand-Up Paddle Board has supported one of our team riders at 235 pounds. One of our customers is 6’5” and 295 pounds and swears that his ULI 11’0” Boards works great for him.

[panel title=”What do I do in the event that the ULI Board gets a leak?”]
lthough our boards rarely get punctured or slashed, if this does occur, it is simple to repair with the repair kit that comes with board. (See instructions in Manuals). You’ll be back in the water within a couple of hours.

[panel title=”Can I get my ULI Board yesterday?”]
We love accommodating our customers. We will be glad to rush a board to you before your trip or directly to your destination. Please call 760.639.1844!

[panel title=”How long of a paddle should I use?”]
The general standard for measuring paddle length is to add 7 inches to your height. Therefore, if you are 5’10” tall, you would use a paddle that is 6’5” long. ULI offers a 2-piece adjustable paddle that would allow you to share your paddle with your shorter or taller significant other.

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