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ULI Third Generation SUPs

Mar 31, 2008

Contact: Meg Mortensen, ULI Corp.


Third generation ULI inflatable paddle boards blends performance with portability

SAN DIEGO—These days nearly all major airlines stick traveling surfers with a hefty $75 to $200 excess baggage fee (each way) for checking in a paddle boards as luggage. It is now accepted by most paddlers as a necessary evil—but not Jim Weir.

An avid San Diego-based surfer and paddleboarder, Weir invented the ULI (pronounced ooo-lee) to solve the surf travel problem. Short for Ultra-Light Inflatable, the ULI is a rigid inflatable board that rides like conventional surfboards and paddleboards but deflates and folds up to fit easily inside a bag or backpack for travel free from excess baggage fees. Once you reach your destination, simply unroll the board, inflate it with the small hand pump (takes about five minutes) and you’re ready to go.

Weir unveiled his first ULI in 2003. Now, after five years of research and development, ULI is proud to introduce the third generation designs which are thinner, more rigid,  looks and performs (and out performs) more like  conventional foam and fiberglass boards.  Advanced surfers will be pleasantly surprised by the ULI’s maneuverability, ease of paddling and ability to make critical bottom turns on the wave.

Of course, since it’s lightweight with flexible safety fins, the ULI is also well-suited for beginners and children who are learning to surf. It’s durable too—constructed from the same sturdy, puncture-resistant PVC rubber materials used in the U.S. military’s inflatable boats.

ULI Stand-up Paddle (SUP) boards are available in sizes from 9’ 3” to 14′ race touring longboards and range in price from $1295 to $1495.  Prices include pump and pressure gauge. Consumers can learn more or purchase ULIs at: The boards are also available at select surf shops and sporting goods stores.

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