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New Superflow Pump

Feb 27, 2014

New Superflow Pump


Introducing ULI’S SuperFlowTM High-Volume 12-Volt Air Compressor [ Product Link ]

After years of hand pumping, we are happy to announce, problem solved! Please take a look at our newest item:

This 12 volt, 120 PSI compressor includes alligator clip battery connectors to reach around the vehicle. An ULI customized detachable quick release hose with the ULI valve adaptor, brass T-fitting with pressure relief valve, and low pressure gauge. Additionally, there is a coiled 16-foot detachable multiple use hose with additional adaptors for sports balls, tires, and other inflatable items which contains a built-in high pressure gauge. Carrying bag included.

Reminder: ULI Boards maximum inflation is 18 PSI.

Complete Compressor Package, including (2) Detachable Hoses & Bag.

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