What's an ULI?

Our Ultra Light Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle boards are constructed of the same sturdy materials used in military inflatable boats. They are extremely durable, UV resistant, and handle easily.

Where can an ULI go?

Anywhere! Our boards deflate and roll up to a size that you can carry on airplanes. It is the ultimate travel board.  The patent-pending ULI offers incomparable ease of transportability with quality performance.


The ULI Stand-Up Paddle Boards are rigid and stable enough to paddle quickly and hold steady in the waves.  Tested in 10′+ waves and entered in SUP race tours the ULI can take on any challenge!


Hand made by us, with care, in our shop in California, using the highest quality materials available, the ULI Board is extremely durable. There is no need to worry about cracking or breaking your board on pavement, rocks or boat deck. Our boards have been tested in all extremes from being run over by a careless delivery truck driver to paddling rock-laden rapids.


As the original inflatable, we boast over twelve years of experience in inflatable boards. After years of research and development, we not only designed and built the first inflatable board, but continue to be innovators in the industry.